A combination of current and past works both functional and sculptural

This planter is handbuilt with a combination of coils with pieces of clay interlocked between layers to create the exterior texture. I think it reminds me of a bird or even a pine cone, either way I enjoy the natural abstraction of the form.

Bulb Vase - a form I often make versions of for a variety of uses. The curves remind me of my feminine physical expression and form. I like this subtle nod to bodies and form having grown up as a dancer.

"Ruminate" - My senior exhibition. This was an installation at my university combining slip cast forms on the walls and and oversized coil pots made to be able to sit upon.

Close up from my 2014 installation "Ruminate."

This is the wall piece that was a part of my senior exhibition called " Ruminate." The piece explores the topic of community support and social dynamics through grief. Each piece is slip cast porcelain and is made of one of two different molds.

Close up from my 2014 installation "Ruminate."

Close up from my 2014 installation "Ruminate."

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